The CADE ATP System Competition

CASC Registration

(for CASC system entrants and associates only)

The nominated entrant of each registered system must formally register for CASC, to pay the US$100 registration fee. The registration fee includes the proceedings, the sumptuous competition dinner, an elegant CASC T-shirt, and a great trophy (if you're a winner :-)! If you cannot come to CASC, we'll post you your T-shirt and eat your dinner. Associates are encouraged to also formally register for CASC, or at least come to the CASC dinner.

Payment can be made in various ways:

In all cases I can provide an invoice and receipt for payment.


The CASC T-shirts are legends in their own lifetimes. Entrants and associates who register for CASC will each receive a CASC T-shirt. Check out the previous designs ...

They're collector items!